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In the Mid-Market Corporate segment, the target market of Paddington St Finance is typically comprised of entities which conform to the some or all of following criteria:


  • Annual EBITDA of $1 million to $5 million

  • Loan requirement of $2 million and $15 million

  • Demonstrated history of steady cash flow and profitability


While this criteria may sound straightforward enough, Paddington St Finance clients are generally overlooked by mainstream “Big Four Banks” which offer simplistic, “one size fits all” loan products requiring personal guarantees and full loan coverage by real estate assets. 


When the bank says ‘NO’, these companies are typically forced to raise equity on highly dilutive terms or pledge their homes in support of their business ventures.


At Paddington St Finance, we believe the “Big Four Bank” approach fails to accommodate a large sub-segment of well-managed, high quality companies.


We offer an alternative financing solution to companies in our targeted sub-segment that is most easily defined as being companies that are generally not well served by the Big Four Banks for a variety of reasons including:


  • Unfavourable industry sector: Big Four Banks have withdrawn risk appetite for a number of industry sectors post-GFC (eg. retail, gyms).

  • Lack of property assets:  This may be despite the fact the company possesses assets of a more unusual but attractive nature that the bank will not lend against (eg. debtors, inventory, long term contracts, firm forward order books, etc).

  • Urgent approval timeframes: Many companies face require an expedient approval timeframe and transparency of process in order to understand if they can fulfil their own commitments which may underpin “once in a lifetime” growth opportunities (eg. fund a time critical expansion capex requirement to meet a new contract obligation or perhaps to close an opportunistic acquisition).


Overall, many companies simply have a more complex story and, accordingly, require a financier that will listen to them and employ a more considered approach to credit risk assessment and loan structuring.


When “one size fits all” doesn’t fit, that is where Paddington St Finance can offer a solution.

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