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What types of R&D Tax Incentive Finance are available?


Potential Borrowers that claim the R&D Tax Incentive can apply for a range of financing solutions with PSF, including:


  1. Prior Year Funding Facility: Finance for R&D expenditure incurred in the prior financial year which is pending AusIndustry Registration and lodgement of tax returns with the ATO (eg. a loan advanced in July 2017 against R&D expenditure incurred in the financial year ended 30 June 2017).

  2. Current Year Funding Facility:  Finance for R&D expenditure incurred in the current financial year on a “drawdown as you expend R&D” basis. This enables Borrowers to bring forward loan advances by accessing funding on a quarterly or half yearly basis before the conclusion of the financial year, reducing the need to fund working capital through equity raisings.

  3. Hybrid Funding Facility: Combining a Prior Year Funding Facility with a Current Year Funding Facility under a single loan agreement with a two tranche structure.  This approach essentially provides funding against R&D expenditure incurred over two financial years within 

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