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How does R&D Tax Incentive Finance work?


R&D Tax Incentive Finance involves an R&D Tax Incentive claimant under the Federal Government’s R&D Tax Incentive Scheme applying for finance for eligible R&D expenditure it has incurred on R&D activities. 


What are the benefits of R&D Tax Incentive Finance?


Broadly speaking, some of the benefits associated with R&D Tax Incentive finance are that:


  1. Relative to equity, debt is a cheaper, non-dilutive and far more flexible form of capital.

  2. It can be drawn as needed and repaid at any time.

  3. It can be put in place very expediently (PSF has completed R&D Tax Incentive Finance Facilities within one week of initial consultation, however, our typical lead time is two weeks).

  4. Documentation is on simple terms which are not contingent on agreeing an enterprise valuation or shareholder governance issues.

  5. The interest is tax deductible.

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